Tweedsmuir Peak

Tweedsmuir Peak Tour: 1 Hour

Tweedsmuir Experience

This trip goes south over Francois and Ootsa Lake, into Tweedsmuir Park. Amazing views of lakes, rivers and gorgeous peaks from the air, and an opportunity to see wildlife (moose, goats, bears, caribou). A stop on Blanchet Lake for a walk on the beach or Grizzly Lake to experience some Alpine flora and fauna.

  • $1049 Dehaviland Beaver seats 4 to 6 people.
  • $799 Cessna 185 seats 3 people

* Flight times may vary
* Blanchet or Grizzly Lake landing adds 45 minutes- Extra $189.00

Breathtaking views


  • Francois Lake- Ferry and Farms
  • Takysie Lake
  • Ootsa Lake- History of this manmade Lake
  • Fenton Lake
  • Michelle Peak
  • Glatheli Lake
  • Tweedsmuir Peak
  • View down Whitesail Lake to Coast Mountains