Commercial Services

For all your commercial needs

Air Services

  • Crew Changes
  • Supplies and Equipment
  • Aerial Photography of your work area
  • Expediting and supply acquisition
  • Emergency and evacuation flights – call 24/7
Transportation, Supplies & Emergencies

Mining & Camp

Our Dehavilland Beaver is used extensively for remote mining and explorations sites. The Beaver is the workhorse of the north and the perfect machine to move crews and supplies into remote worksites. The Beaver is equipped with external load racks and able to move odd and long shaped pipes and equipment that would not fit into the regular compartment spaces of an aircraft. The Beaver is able to move large loads and crews quickly and safely.
Our base of operations in Burns Lake has large storage and parking areas so that any trucks and equipment can be stored until needed. We are out of town on 5 acres so the area is very safe and secure.

We also offer an expediting service

Supplies can be called in last minute or well ahead of flights- we have the ability to make sure that any supplies needed are at our base and ready to go on a flight. We have a large refrigerator and 3 freezers to store grocery orders and send them into camp when needed.

Burns Lake has many supply stores and specialty items can be obtained from Smithers or Prince George fairly quickly.

No project is too complicated

Forestry & Environment


We have several different aircraft to suit any need for your forestry project. We have done several government contracts for photography, aerial mapping, fire related services and crew moves. Nick Hawes has been involved in forestry work for the past 20 years and is an asset to any forestry project. He is a skilled pilot that can use his forestry knowledge to make an aerial project go smoothly and quickly.


Lakes District Air has extensive expertise and experience with environmental aerial projects. We have flown many wildlife surveys as well as flights for the Department of Fisheries and BC Parks. We are committed to assisting the government and industry in preserving and protecting our great northern wilderness!

  • Wildlife Surveys (Moose, Caribou, Wolves, Goats)
  • Fisheries, lake and stream assessment- easy access to see remote water bodies
  • BC Parks – adventure tourism and hunting regulation and assessment
  • BC Fire Centres- aerial patrols, crew changes- we can locate, map and photograph fires
  • Emergency and evacuation flights – call 24/7
Transportation, Supplies & Emergencies

Wildlife Surveying

We are very experienced with government and private sector aerial surveying contracts. We have done telemetry for various species such as Caribou, Wolves, Moose, Goats and Salmon.
Our aircraft are equipped with telemetry equipment and our pilots are highly experienced with these types of surveys. These surveys can be done year round as our aircraft are equipped with wheels, skis or floats.