Coast Mountains

Coast Mountains Tour: 1.5 hours

Coast Mountains Wonder

Fly west past Nadina mountain and head into the coast mountains for amazing views of glaciers and lakes. Land on Nanika Lake beach at the base of the glacier to prolong your view of the beautiful mountains in a peaceful setting. Atna Peak is a 7,970 ft / 2,429 m mountain peak in British Columbia, with a prominent glacier that is visible through the whole year.

  • $1549 Dehaviland Beaver seats 4 to 6 people
  • $1149 Cessna 185 seats 3 people

* Flight times may vary
* Nanika Lake landing adds 30 minutes- extra $189.00

Breathtaking views


  • Francois Lake
  • Nadina Mountain
  • Parrot Lakes
  • Morice, Nanika, Kidprice Lake
  • Atna Glacier