Aerial Photography

Lakes District Air has years of experience with aerial photography. Our past work has included many forestry companies, government projects, golf courses, municipalities and anyone interest in an aerial view of their property.

We use a Cessna 182 with a camera hatch and have the camera hooked up to a computer to take continuous photos on flights lines of speeds of up to one photo every two seconds. We are able to stitch together photos into panorama view and all photos are geo referenced and accurate.

No project is too complicated and can be tailored to suit your needs. We currently use a Nikon D800E camera that is 36 megapixels for a high quality product. We have years of experience with computer mapping and GPS referenced activities so that any project is done quickly and accurately. Please call us for references and more information if you have a project that you would like completed.

  • Forestry flight lines – cut blocks, timber supply, regeneration areas
  • Terrain features, water features for government projects
  • Building sites, proposed building sites
  • Home and farm – can fly at low levels to get detailed view of your property
  • Golf course – aerial maps
  • Roads, pipelines, power lines – can zoom in to ground level to see current details and condition of areas
  • Municipalities – aerial layout views for proposed and future planning of town sites


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