Tesla Lake Lodge is Open!!!

Posted on Jun 12, 2013 in What's New

On June 1st Nick and and our close friends opened up the lodge. The Rainbows were there waiting and the fishing was good! Check out the pictures of the happy family with their big fish and tiny kids. What a beautiful time of year to experience Tesla, still snow on the peaks, cool nights and warm fires…

Mid June already and another trip to Tesla to do some more work and have more fun. This time Mary and Ewan got to go and we brought in more good friends(we have great friends!) The weather was amazing and we got to tour in the boats and have lunch on a nice little beach. The trail to Olaf is all ready for the fishermen. The kids had the most fun…Tesla is a great family place to relax and enjoy life!

Check out the photos of these trips in the sidebar of the website…

June fishing has been good! IMG_2569

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  1. Very happy to take this pic of my father-in-law. Not bad for a 72 year old Norwegian. he’s caught bigger.