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Flight Schedule for Burns Lake:

  • Departure from BURNS LAKE between 8am and 9am
  • Departure from TESLA or COLES LAKE between 9am and 10am

Please let us know when you will be arriving and a contact number for your stay in Burns Lake.  If we need to rearrange flight times for you. Booking a trip has never been easier.

Trip Package includes:

  • Return trip via floatplane from Burns Lake.
  • Fully equipped camp
  • Boats – motors – fuel – nets – life jackets – canoes
  • Satellite phone for communication

Trip Group sizes:

  • For a group of 4 people, your max. load is 1200lbs (including passengers and gear)
  • For a group of 2 people, your max. load is 750lbs (including passengers and gear)

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